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Dear friends,

The “Sourb Astvatsamayr (St. Mary)” Medical Centre (SAMC) is one of the biggest medical centers of Armenia. It provides high quality medical services to population of Yerevan city and provinces of the country. The Centre was established in 2004 in the frames of the Armenian Healthcare System Reform, with aim to increase availability of medical services for Armenian population. A Tertiary Hospital and Primary Healthcare Clinic are included in the “Sourb Astvatsamayr” Medical Centre.

In 2008 Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored the “Sourb Astvatsamayr” Medical Centre with “Mercury” award for outstanding achievements in medical services.

Our Mission

To meet population's healthcare demands using latest achievements of medical science and practice, to be the leader in providing high quality medical services, to train young specialists, to raise medical workers authority in society

Our Goal

To provide quality medical services compassionately, competently and reliably

Our Philosophy

To apply our knowledge, skills and strength to provide medical services:
• Holistic and highly competent
• Prompt and effective
• Up-to-date and safe
• Considerate and ethical
• Team work oriented to meet patients needs

As a comprehensive medical facility, the SAMC ensures a large number of medical subspecialists from multiple therapeutic and surgical disciplines are available for multifaceted demands of such a health center, which presents unique opportunities both for quality care and service and considerable ongoing challenges. In addition, I would like to express my appreciation to SAMC’s personnel for their commitment to the profession and everyday scrupulous work devoted to improve health and quality of life of Armenian population.

Dr. Nikolay Dallakyan,
Director of SAMC,
Associate professor, Chair of Pedicatric Surgery,
Yerevan State Medical University,
Yerevan city’s Chief Pediatric Surgeon


Retaining traditions...

After the devastating Spitak earthquake (7 Dec1988) it became clear that the country needed a medical facility, which could provide the whole range of urgent pediatric help. For that purpose Yerevan Children Emergency Hospital was chosen as a multiprofile pediatric facility. Lately this hospital became the core part of the SAMC considering both technical and human resources.

In 2003 in the frame of Japanese Government Grant the Hospital received modern equipment (digital analyzers, patients monitoring systems, a mechanical ventilation systems, an endovision system for endoscopic procedures and operations etc.), which significantly increased diagnostic and therapeutic capacity of the Hospital. During 2005-2008 in the frame of Armenian Healthcare System Reform project supported by World Bank reconstruction, acquiring additional medical equipment, management improvement and medical services quality enhancement have been made.

Besides, the SAMC actively cooperates with international organizations and individuals, which supported financially the Hospital. Thus, in 2004 Mr. Agop Giritelean, the businessman from Constantinople (Turkey), sponsored the complete reconstruction of 30-beds General Pediatrics Department. External monitoring experts gave a highly positive feedback to the renovation work, thus, Mr.Giritelean continued his financial support and in 2006 the Neurosurgery Department was completely reconstructed and reequipped.

From 2011 SAMC successfully collaborates with WTCF (World Transplant Children Fund), in the frames of joint projects two surgeons had trainings in USA, significant professional medical equipment donation was received.

Today SAMC’s Hospital offers a wide range of inpatient services both for children and adults (general surgery, trauma and orthopedics, pediatric surgery, neonatal surgery, ENT, thoracic surgery, maxilla-facial surgery, neurosurgery, endoscopic surgery departments; gastroenterology, neurology, pediatric, NICU, ICU, internal diseases departments) as well as outpatient services. The diagnostic capacity includes clinical, biochemical, immunochemical, bacteriological laboratories; ultrasound scan (duplex), X-Ray, CT, MRI, endoscopy. Hospital’s departments are fully renovated to make patients stay in hospital comfortable.

Pediatric part of the Hospital is the biggest one in Armenia. It has unique for Armenia Departments of Pediatric Neurosurgery and Pediatric Thoracic Surgery, as well Republican Gastroenterology Center and City Pulmonology Center. Surgical corrections of thoracic and abdominal congenital malformations in neonates are the pride of the Hospital. In the country these operations are exclusively made in the SAMC saving many children's lives. Moreover, the Hospital is the only one in Armenia that has successful experience in performing esophageal plastic surgery in children.

SAMC’s hospital serves diverse population from all parts of the country with more than 7000 in-patient and more than 30000 out-patient annual admissions. The SAMC is the clinical base for Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU). The YSMU Chair of Pediatrics #2, Pediatric Surgery (with branch of Trauma and Orthopedics), Neurology, Neurosurgery and Otolaryngology are located here.

Doctors of the SAMC actively participate in the activities of various national professional associations, such as Armenian Pediatric Association (member of European Pediatric Association), Armenian Intensive Care Specialists and Anesthesiologists Association, Armenian ENT Association etc.

The SAMC collaborates with all medical facilities of the country. Furthermore, the Medical Centre is always ready to cooperate with foreign specialists. Invited professionals performed complicated state-of-the-art surgeries at the Hospital numerous times. For the years Medical Centre has successful contacts with Munster University Clinic (Germany), Scientific-Research Institute of Neurosurgery named after Polenov (St.Peterbourg, Russia), Fratebenefratelli Hospital (Milano, Italy) etc.


The Hospital Departments (283 beds)

Pediatric Surgery (20 beds) ICU with NICU (18beds)
Pediatric Thoracic Surgery (20 beds)
Including Neonatal Surgery
General Pediatrics (30 beds)
Pediatric Neurosurgery (20 beds) Neonates and Infants Departments
(20 beds)
ENT (10 beds) Pediatric Gastroenterology (20 beds)
Maxilla Facial Surgery (10 beds) Pediatric Neurology (20 beds)
Trauma & Orthopedics (30 beds) Adults’ Neurology and Internal Diseases
Department (30 beds)
General Surgery (25 beds) Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Plastic Surgery (10 beds) Diagnostic Department
Transfusiology Department Radiology Department



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